About Us

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Elango Annamalai


Elango learnt astrology at the age of 15. He is a brilliant astrologer and have been doing professional astrology consulting for more than 40 years. His area of expertise include astrology, numerology, vastu and jaimini astrology. He is well known for his accurate prediction on education, marriage life, child birth, professional life, health issues and natural calamities. He served for Indian railways for 38 years and retired as Senior Section Engineer(SSE) in the year 2013.

Muthu Vijayan Elango


Muthu Vijayan Learnt astrology from his father in the year 2002 and practicing it during his leisure time. He is gaining expertise in prediction of professional life, marriage, medical astrology and mundane astrology. He is passionate in writing astrology related article for the benefit of common people. He is working as mechanical engineer in a MNC, Bangalore.


Saravana Kumar Ganesan

Saravana Kumar I am a software engineer working in Singapore. Like every Indian, I came across many instances of people sharing their views and experience with Astrology and I had few of my own as well. It was only after meeting Muthu Vijayan my Astrological mentor and college mate, the questions got deeper and wider. Rather than being a believer or non believer, we decided to be seekers. I am trying to analyze the astronomical evidence in astrology and present them to common audience.


One thought on “About Us

  1. A new Journey and rebirth of Astrological belief has started after reading through this page.
    The Astrological notes by the author are really challenging this scientific era.
    One has to visit this Website to be aware of new dimension in Astrology. My appreciation to the author and his family.

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